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Why Are Competitions The Best Motivators?

Why Are Competitions The Best Motivators?

Why does an athlete finish a race? Why does he train hard? Why is he targeting more than one race per year and twice next year and so on? This is because he is competitive and does not want to fail. He will go to any limits to achieve this goal including getting up earlier, running before sunrise, running even when it hurts and also when he does not wish to. Now he is hooked; the race was just a beginning.

Competitions serve as the most potent fuel when it comes to motivation. If you are good at play, then get tough as it is the best time for you. The friendly social scene helps in working out less while aggressive competitions are the key to motivation at the gym. If you want to stay motivated, then do more contest. It will aid you in generating fresh energy in the time when you are stagnated.


Are You Competitive?

Let’s face this fact; we all are competitive to some limit. Our competition is with ourselves, with our peers and time. If you are playing a game then what do you want? You wish to beat the other person at every cost; this is simple and plain. Even if you don’t win, you are going to enjoy the game, but if you do, the enjoyment reaches to next level.

Other than being competitive with others, we are running a race within ourselves and our past. In the last week, if you have run 2 miles in 30 minutes the next week, you will run 2-miles in 27-minutes. This is how you will challenge yourself by running faster than yesterday and going a bit farther every time. This phenomenon is not new; it is engraved in us and a gift from our Creator.

Collective Benefits of Competitive Atmosphere

Social Support

If a person is alone or working in a team, it does not affect the numbers of workout he did. However, a competitive atmosphere encourages team members to work out more than others. People in a competitive team attend 90% more classes as compared to those who have not joined any cutthroat action group.

Social support does not produce results as compared to competition surprisingly. The individuals who are in competitive groups exercised far more than those who are in some social support thing.

Group Dynamics

Group dynamics produce awesome results. It has a tremendous power over workout behavior which is why competitive atmosphere helps people in achieving their targets and focusing more on their goals.In a competitive grouping, all eyes are on the members who are active participants as they serve as the goal posts to outdo. They help in increasing other member’s activity levels and act as a catalyst.

Better Networking

Social networks are a great help especially when you wish to work out more and for longer periods of time. Collecting people of similar taste and interest results in forming an online group where individuals help each other in tracking their exercise logs. This produces a mutual incentive that aids everyone to keep going.

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