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Wellness Vacations: The Hottest Fitness Trend of the Year

When you think of vacations, the first thing that comes to mind is cocktails and some fun underneath the sun. But that’s not all. 2018 is the year for new fitness trends and we’re talking health and wellbeing like never before.

Say hello to wellness vacations comprising of yoga and Pilate sessions. Did we mention healthy eating and some green smoothies? It’s all about staying fit this season with holiday getaways full of physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

The Trending Tourism 

Most Australians have bid farewell to excess everything. Whether it’s food, alcohol or partying, trends have changed towards a healthier way of life.

A recent survey has suggested that $1 of every $7 spent on tourism is going to wellness institutes. This totals to an estimate of over $600 billion being allocated to this industry.

So where does this sudden desire to stay fit and healthy on the vacations come from? Well the answer is simple. Australia has observed its share of increase in obesity levels as well as an elevated risk of chronic disease affecting the population.

Let’s not forget to mention the constantly busy and stressful life alongside diminished time off affecting the public as a whole.

This is why millions in Australia seek vacations to destinations where they know they’ll be taken care of the right way. 

What’s in store for guests at wellness retreat facilities? 

Who doesn’t want to feel fantastic on holiday? Wellness retreat facilities manage to provide guests with the ultimate mode of relaxation the healthy way.

Not only are you given accommodation of the best kind, pampering, dining, workshops and daily workouts are included as well.

Guests can enjoy their time with morning bushwalks, aerobics, workouts at the fanciest of gyms, spa sessions, exclusive sports facilities, swimming, outdoor physical fun and more. Did we mention the preplanned low calorie guilt-free meals guests’ can dine on? 

Raising revenue the healthy way 

Research has shown that those individuals who consider wellness retreats are in general part of those who are more willing to spend on their vacations. This is why many renowned hotel chains across the globe have hopped onto the health and wellness retreat bandwagon and we don’t blame them. 

Most guests realize that staying in shape means they’ll keep performing at their best. And maybe that’s why hotels have begun to incorporate healthy facilities into their not so healthy lineup.

Another renowned worldwide hotel adds that as more and more people have begun to understand the concept of healthy living, they have waved farewell to indulgence of all form. The sense of responsibility that one needs to fight off constant risks of diabetes and high blood pressure is mind-blowing and surely hits hard.

Those who find it difficult to take the time out to stay in shape have used their holiday getaway wisely. There’s no better way to kick-start a healthy living than by doing it on your time off.

Luxury, healthy relaxation and the greatest form of unwinding, that’s what a wellness vacation is all about. So in case you’re committed to putting health first, this is definitely the place for you. 


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