February 10, 2021

 It is a well-known fact that students all around the world face a tough time paying for their higher education in the form of tuition fees and books. But at the same time, students are also known for their smart thinking and ingenuity in coming up with creative solutions to any problem that they face. Car sharing is one of the top ways in which students in various countries are earning considerable money to meet their daily expenses and more.

 If you are looking for ways students can make extra money, then this article lists out some brilliant ideas by which you can do so.

 Getting Started

 It goes without saying that to earn some extra cash with a car, you obviously need to have one. If you don’t own a car, no worries. You can easily rent a car from a reliable source (such as car sharing websites) or borrow that of your parents or a relative who’s willing to lend it.

 Once you have a car, plan carefully how you are going to use it in order to make money. Here are some smart tips on how to make money with car sharing.

 1. Give Lifts to Other Students

Taxis’ might be readily available, but they are quite expensive and therefore, most students try to avoid this mode of transportation. You can leverage this by transporting people in and around your college or university for a lesser fee.  

 2. Be the Taxi Driver for Parties

 University life is incomplete without parties. You can become the designated driver for friends and fellow students by dropping them at their parties and then driving them back to the dorms, especially when they might be drunk and need a safe ride back.

3. Become an Affordable Mover here…

 Students often need to move a large number of belongings between their home and dorms or even need to take stuff occasionally to the recycling centre and the likes. Help them move their things in your car in return for a small payment.

 4. Earn During the Holiday Season

 Whether it’s the start or the end of a vacation, students need a ride to and from the airport/train station. Coordinate and schedule to drive them to their destination and you can earn a significant amount in such a high demand period.

5. Do the Grocery Shopping

 In addition to driving other students to the local grocery shop, you can also offer to do their entire shopping. You have a car, which means that you can carry a lot of stuff as compared to students who walk or cycle to the shop. Ask around a lot of friends and bring them the items they need by charging them a little bit.

 All in all, car sharing is one of the top ways students can make extra money. So, make sure that you benefit from it as well.

 Note: The key to making money with car sharing is to first publicize your ‘service’ by posting about it in your university groups on social media sites, by putting up flyers around campus, by word of mouth and so on.

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