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Time for a Country Change? How About Moving to Temora?

It's the down-to-earth kindness of Temora's people that make the biggest impression.

In Temora, the community is everything. Have you ever been to a cinema run entirely by volunteers ranging from teenagers to retirees? At Temora's Town Hall Theatre, you'll not only be treated to the latest flicks but warmly greeted by a group of wonderful volunteers.

Temora's history, supported by generations of artisans and craftsmen, is on display across the Shire's four museums.

Many visitors are impressed by the healthy relationship between the town and the council. Temora's myriad of meticulously preserved historical buildings is a testament to the joint efforts of council and community working together for the common good.

In a world where fast is often prioritised over-friendly, you'll soon discover this is a town that truly deserves its title of the friendliest in NSW.

Proclaimed 'The Friendliest Town in NSW' in 2005 by Pat Shiel, Editor of Column 8 in the Sydney Morning Herald, Temora Shire has continued to live up to the legend – so much so that the story of how it happened is almost inscribed in local folklore 14 years on.

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So, what's it really like living in 'The Friendliest Shire'? Here's your insider's look into everyday life in Temora Shire, why country changers make the move – and most importantly, why they love it after they arrive:

Business and job opportunities for those that are interested in moving to Temora. Temora is a beautiful town centrally situated between Melbourne and Sydney within the Southwest Slopes/Riverina area. The town is encompassed within the Shire of Temora, which also includes the villages of Springdale and Ariah Park and outreaches to numerous small communities outside the shire boundaries.

Derived from a Celtic word meaning "an eminence commanding a wide view," Temora offers all the rural beauty of an agricultural community with all the perks of a thriving local retail trade economy. Those who've found themselves dissatisfied with the urban living will feel instantly at home amidst its unspoiled, pastoral beauty, but they'll still have the comfort of knowing that several major cities are just a car trip or a train ride away.

The remoteness, safety, and friendliness of our town, as well as our proximity to several metropolitan hubs and our ever-growing local industry, make our community YOUR ideal next home! Read on to discover what we have to offer you as a new resident and a job-seeker.

To begin, let's look at our background. To best understand how we got to where we are today, it makes the most sense to begin at the beginning.

​ - A look at Temora's past 

Founded in 1847 as a pastoral station and a gold rush town, our community has long been a small but vibrant place with a fascinating background. At one time, we were best known for being a goldfield that produced half the gold in all of New South Wales, and we even yielded some incredible discoveries such as the "Mother Shipton" gold nugget, which weighed in at an impressive 308.35 ounces. (A reproduction of the Mother Shipton nugget can be viewed in our Rural Museum. More on that below!) As well as being known as a gold rush town and a home to German settlers, we're also the birthplace of a number of extraordinary Australians! Some of our past residents have included:

  • Rugby league footballers Brett Firman, Todd Payten, Josh McCrone, Trent Barrett, Steve Reardon and Ryan Hinchcliffe plus many more
  • film and writer-director "TV" Cate Shortland
  • Olympic gold medal swimmer Mark Kerry
  • Australian army officer and Military Cross recipient Archer Denness
  • Cinematographer Don McAlpine
  • World champion triathlete Brad Kahlefeldt
  • Orthopedic surgeon and barefoot skiing champion Dr Brett Fritsch

As you can see, we're the proud home of many a noteworthy Australian whose achievements cover a fantastically diverse range of backgrounds and achievements. Will your name be next on the list?

Temora Geography and Climate 

Conveniently situated between Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and the coast, the rural community of Temora NSW 2666 has a warm, temperate climate free of the humidity found in coastal regions. Summers are typically warm and dry with milder temperatures the rest of the year, making it comfortably habitable year-round. Residents will appreciate the relative affordability of their heating and cooling bills, and vacationers will be grateful for the proximity to several major cities and tourist regions.

For those who plan to work outside of the shire, our efficient and well-maintained network of roads make for easy commutes by car, public transportation, or train, and for residents who plan to work close to home, many of our local businesses and amenities are easily reachable on foot or bike. Our location affords you all the beauty and unhurried pace of country living with the easy accessibility you appreciate in urban and suburban cities. 

Cost of Living and Lifestyle

At the time of publishing 2019. 

With housing valued between $240,000 and $350,000, rentals priced at $180 - $240pw, and a diverse assortment of residential alternatives (traditional homes, semi-rural subdivisions, senior citizens' housing, and the Aviation Estate where you can build your own home and hanger opening directly into the airfield), availability and affordability are the buzzwords to keep in mind when searching for a new dwelling in our community. In comparison to many of Australia's notoriously expensive major cities, maintaining a comfortable lifestyle here is a breeze.

The combination of lower rent and mortgage rates, the lower heating and cooling bills that come along with temperate climes, and abundant local job opportunities for shorter commute times all mean more money in your pocket at the end of each month. What could be better than earning competitive wages while living at rural costs?

Additionally, families with children will take heart in knowing that they can choose between four public schools serving kindergarten through grade 12, as well as one Catholic private school. Offering the best, most comprehensive education is as much our priority as seeing to it that your children get the biggest possibly jump-start on their future is yours.

For working parents of young children, we offer playgroups, pre-schools, and family daycares, so you can know your little ones are in safe hands while you're making a living. Our thriving local economy and many affordable pastimes aren't the only features that make our community an ideal place to raise a growing family: the value we place on education and upward mobility are all part of what makes our town great!

Even better, per a number of mentions in Sydney's Morning Herald, we have consistently been rated the friendliest town in New South Wales. And that's not just hype: We're so confident in our reputation that we call ourselves "The Friendly Town." What better than to live in a community known not only for its affordability and rapidly growing industry but for its warmth and outgoingness? Forget the brusque, fast-paced urban lifestyle and explore the leisure, comfort, and kinship that country living has to offer.

Temora Commerce and Job Opportunities

In addition to being one of the largest producers of wheat, wool, and canola, Temora is also the second-largest producer of honey in Australia. Consequently, much of the industry in the region supports its agriculture: grain storage and brokerage, farm equipment servicing, fertilizer transport, and textile processing are just a few of the rapidly expanding offshoot industries.

This, of course, means that Temora NSW 2666 is replete with jobs for those willing to relocate. And rest assured: not all of them are directly related to agriculture. Far from it, in fact. Keep in mind that this is a community with a thriving local retail economy, school system, healthcare system, and transportation network, which in turn means there are countless opportunities for work in a diverse range of fields. 

What sorts of jobs are available to newcomers?

Just some of our major employers include popular retail chains like Woolworths, grain merchants like Graincorps and BFB, elder care facilities like Narraburra Lodge, and of course local agriculture. For those who prefer a non-traditional career path, there are many opportunities for self-employment and freelance work. Regardless of your academic background or professional experience, you can be assured that you'll find a workplace in search of an employee just like you.

See a full list of current jobs at

Tourism & Entertainment​ in Temora

Lest you think our community is a sleepy rural region with nothing in the way of tourist attractions or readily available entertainment, let's explore just some of the options available to residents and visitors alike. As you'll soon see, there are offerings that will appeal to all ages and interests. From our assortment of museums to our monthly festivals and events to our many local businesses and nightlife, we have exactly what you're looking for!

  • Aviation Museum and Rural Museum: Our internationally renowned, award-winning Aviation Museum is our single biggest attraction. It's open seven days a week and offers Aircraft Showcase Days on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Historical commentary, expert interviews, and musical acts accompany the live airshow and enhance the educational experience for viewers. You can even see the aircrafts up close, meet the pilots, and tour the engineering facilities. A 38-seat surround sound theater offers supplementary audio-visual presentations, and an informational museum provides further information. The Rural Museum, meanwhile, boasts an enormous collection of Australian historical artifacts that educate as they stimulate the imagination. Look into the past as you browse the museum's incredible collection of working stationary engines and tractors. Visit the newly restored hardwood slab hut that was Sir Donald Bradman's birthplace. Take in the authentic historical streetscape of Ariah Park and experience a taste of life in the roaring 20s. All this and more is available to you here!

  • Sport & Recreation: Our town is home to many sport enthusiasts, and as such it's a place where you can find no shortage of athletic entertainment. Some popular forms of recreation include boating and fishing, equestrianism, swimming, motorcycle racing, basketball and volleyball, golf, rugby, skiing, and more. Those who aren't sport enthusiasts but enjoy the outdoors will also love the many sightseeing opportunities on offer all year round. In particular, Lake Centenary, our "aquatic playground" is a beautiful, picturesque location where you can go swimming or boating, have a picnic with your family, or simply take a leisurely stroll.

  • Seasonal Events: We may be a rural community, but we're bustling with activity year round as our events calendar clearly indicates. On the first and third Saturday of every month, visit the Aviation Museum and take part in one of our amazing live showcases. Throw your hat in the ring for the Golden Gift professional footrace on the second Saturday in February. On the second Saturday in March, visit the Rural Museum for our annual Exhibition Day. At Easter, the Natfly Aviation Expo will be in full swing, followed by an all-breed dog show in May. The Ariah Park annual Agricultural Show is up next in September, and October rounds out the year with the Mary Gilmore Country Music Festival, the Ariah Park B&S Ball, and the annual Anglican Art Show.

  • Shopping & Dining: Keep in mind that retail commerce is a thriving industry in this community! That means you have your pick of shops and popular chains including Woolworths, IGA, and Target, as well as a multitude of butchers, bakeries, nurseries, pharmacies, and the many other amenities you need to keep your household in good working order. If you're interested in a night on the town, the Bowling Club and Ex-Services Club and two Chinese restaurants offer a variety of options whether you're keen on restaurant- or bistro-style dining.

  • Other Entertainment: If you aren't satisfied with our list so far, consider exploring our huge range of tennis courts, cinemas, clubs, skate parks, and senior citizens' recreation centers. An aerodrome, numerous parks, the Town Hall and Town Hall Theatre, the library, showgrounds, and pools round out our entertainment offerings. Whether you prefer the vigor and athleticism of outdoor activities or more creative, intellectual pursuits, we have something to appeal to your sensibilities.

It's plain to see that we offer no shortage of hobbies and leisure activities designed to suit people of all tastes and sensibilities. But equally important is the knowledge that all of these pastimes are within easy reach, no matter which part of our town you live in or what your main mode of transportation happens to be. 

Transportation in Temora

Transportation is an understandable concern when you're living in the country. Often, the balance between one's professional and personal life can be hindered by long commute times, thick traffic, and unreliable public transportation. Fortunately, The Friendly Town considers public transportation to be an indispensable part of our local infrastructure, and as such we're proud to be able to offer some of the safest and most reliable road networks and public transit options in New South Wales.

For those commuting to work outside of the shire, the Countrylink Bus to Cootamundra connects with Sydney and Melbourne transit lines. The shire's official website also offers complete lists of all shire roads, alternate routes, and regularly updated road closures so you can re-route your trip in the event of an emergency or inclement weather. 

Finding Work in Temora 

By now it's probably becoming apparent that relative to other towns in New South Wales, Temora is a cut above the rest in terms of affordability, lifestyle, recreation, community, and accessibility. For those who have found themselves dissatisfied with the brisk pace and impersonal nature of city life, it offers a rural oasis centrally situated between several major metropolitan hubs, easily reachable through our extensive road networks and public transit system. Ours is an environment where you can build a life, career, and family to be proud of, with all the peace of mind of knowing you have a strong, supportive community behind you.

But even better are the many career-advancing opportunities available to you here. Contrary to the stereotype of the sleepy rural town where the only jobs are directly related to family-owned farms, life in the shire is brimming with industry, and its growth is ongoing. Job-seekers who plan to relocate will find an abundance of positions open to them, while those who are gainfully employed and looking to fill their spare hours will be delighted by the many volunteer positions in our community.

So if you know you're ready to take the plunge and begin planning your move, let us direct you now to our job listings page, where you can browse openings in your area. Right off the bat, you'll notice that the selection of available job openings is incredibly diverse and suited to a wide range of professional experiences, skill levels, and backgrounds. No matter what you have to bring to the table, you'll be able to find a workplace suited to you. 


We hope the information given here has helped you to see our community in a new way. We're confident that once you pay us a visit and experience for yourself what we have to offer, you'll be as eager to put down roots here as we are to have you join our ranks. (We are, you'll recall from earlier, The Friendly Town!) We'll be ready and waiting when you're ready to pay us a visit, and we guarantee that once you've enjoyed the full experience firsthand, you won't want to leave. So come, stay a while, browse the job listing page, submit your resume, and begin planning your new life here with us. 


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