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The Highest Paying Jobs and Employment Trends Across Australia

Australia is, no doubt, a land of beauty. However, it’s not just the diverse landscapes that attract people from all over the world. The country also offers lucrative jobs in several industries, making it a great place to advance your career.

If you reside in the land down under or are planning to move here soon, you must be looking for the top well-paying jobs in your locality or, at the very least, are interested in knowing the employment trends in Australia.

The following article will help you with your search.

 1. Data Scientist

As the world becomes more and more digitalized with each passing day, STEM careers have begun to kick-off all over the world, and Australia is no exception to this. There is a high demand for skilled candidates who can process, analyse, and evaluate massive amounts of data to extract useful information for organisations.

If your academic background is in a STEM field, then consider brushing up on your programming skills. Or, if you are looking for a promising field to specialise in, then look no further than the field of data sciences.

 2. Doctor/ Physician

Famous for its high standards of living and relaxed lifestyle, it is not a surprise that the healthcare industry in Australia ranks amongst the world’s best.

From the hospitals and medical facilities to wellness programs and the doctors themselves, the healthcare system in the country is very well managed. This not only benefits the patients but also the doctors who can easily earn six-figure salaries each year. Of course, becoming a doctor is not an easy feat, but those who complete the daunting journey successfully are rewarded accordingly.

 3. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineering is an IT-related field that deals with planning, designing, and providing the service of cloud computing as well as its management, maintenance, and support. A cloud engineer is responsible for anything and everything pertaining to the applications of cloud computing in various industries.

Although the exact requirements vary from case to case, all candidates seeking a cloud engineering job must have a strong background in a computing field, have strong problem-solving skills and be able to handle mentally challenging situations. 

 4. Engineering Manager

Many people might not know what an engineering manager is or what the job entails, but it’s still one of the top well-paying jobs in Australia nonetheless.

Tasked with hiring, supervising, and managing employees, an engineering manager also administers projects and leads research and development to ensure that an organisation grows and succeeds in the long run.

 5. IT Systems Architect

With an average annual salary that reaches well beyond A$100,000, the professionals of IT systems architecture are perhaps the most sought-after candidates in the land down under.

 IT systems architecture is a sub-field of information and technology that revolves around defining the structure of a computerised system that is designed to fulfil certain requirements. This refers to building, testing, and maintaining the entire infrastructure. This includes both hardware and software elements.

With the exception of health and wellness jobs, it’s clear that different STEM careers are a defining feature of the employment trends in Australia. So, if you are still in the process of choosing the ideal career or looking for ways to advance your line of work, consider pursuing a degree or specialisation courses in IT related fields. 


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