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The Best Tips for Selling a Home in Australia (Without Any Outside Help)

Selling a house in Australia or anywhere else for that matter is surely not an easy task. First, there’s the emotional strain that comes with selling perhaps your most prized possession. Then there’s the hassle of relocating and moving all your stuff and of course, selling the house itself is extremely daunting in itself.

Some homeowners consult a real estate agent to help them find the best deal, but many others prefer taking the DIY route in order to avoid the extra costs incurred as fees and consultation charges for the agent.

If you are looking for home selling tips to strike the best deal for your property without any outside help, then the following are some useful tips for selling a home in Australia.

Place an Ad Online 

Selling a house without a real agent will obviously require you to advertise it online. And before you put your house up for sale on any website dedicated to this purpose, you will have to take some high-quality photographs of the property. Remember that home trading relies majorly on visuals. A good impression is all that stands between attracting (or driving away) potential buyers. Follow these useful tips when taking photos of your house. 

 For the Exterior

Ensure that the house is focused – Crop out the street, sidewalk, neighbouring house and other similar objects that clutter the picture).

Exclude the vehicles – Remove your car from the front of your house when taking a photograph (unless you intend to sell it too).

Capture from multiple perspectives – Take a picture up close as well as others from different angles for a better and complete view of the place.

For the Interior

Photograph during the day – Taking photographs during the day ensures that your house is clearly visible without the need for any additional effects. Open all blinds and drapes to let the sunlight illuminate the place.

Cover the unpleasant items – When photographing the toilet, close the lid of the seat. Remove all trash cans or empty them out beforehand.

Capture catchy details – Got a unique fireplace or a decorative mantelpiece? Perhaps an indoor pool or even just a skylight? Make sure to feature them as well. 

Give a Virtual Tour 

Sites like allow you to upload a virtual tour of your home along with an ad. A virtual tour is one of the most effective home selling tips as it boosts your ranking and increases the chances of finding a buyer sooner than what you had expected. 

Sent Direct Email 

To further increase the visibility of your ad, you can even send direct offers to potential buyers. Some real estate sites feature a mailing list to notify the subscribed members about the latest postings. You can opt for this to market your house.

Follow these easy yet effective tips for selling a home in Australia so that you part your beloved home on a happy note. 


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