7 Sure-fire Ways to Reduce Fuel Bills

With petrol prices constantly on the rise, it’s no secret that motorists are always looking for ways to reduce their fuel consumption. At some point the other, every car owner wishes that their car could run on water, air, or just magically on its own so that they wouldn’t have to pay the high fuel bills. After all, fuel bills can cause a hike in the total monthly expenditure, and can blow your budget out of proportion if not kept under check.

If you are tired of visiting the petrol station every now and then, and are concerned about your engine fuel consumption, then take a look at the following effective ways to reduce fuel bill. By slightly altering your driving habits, running periodic maintenance checks, and taking a few other steps, you can save your hard-warned money from burning up in flames and turning into fumes  – quite literally.

1. Reduce Vehicle Usage

Drive only when it’s absolutely necessary. For travelling smaller distances such as going to a nearby grocery store or park, consider walking or cycling instead.

2. Avoid Idling

During the cold season, avoid warming up your car for a large amount of time. Usually 30 to 60 seconds are enough to make the car road-ready even on a winter morning.

3. Turn Off the Ignition

If you are stuck in a traffic jam or are in any other situation where you won’t be moving your car for the next few minutes, it’s usually best to switch it off. Not only will it save fuel, but also reduce the gases exhausted.

4. Ensure There’s No Leakage

Make sure there are no leaks in your fuel tank. If your vehicle runs on gas, thoroughly check that the cylinder is properly sealed so that you utilize all the fuel that you pay for.

5. Cut Down on the Use of Air Conditioning

Unless you are driving in peak summer months of sweltering heat, try to minimize the use of AC when travelling in your car. If it’s night, you can roll down the windows and avoid using the AC altogether.

6. Travel Light

You probably won’t have any trouble in covering a mile on foot. But can you walk so easily while carrying a big box filled with heavy books? Of course, you will need more energy and tire out more quickly.

The same principle applies to vehicles. Your car will consume more fuel if you unnecessarily carry around extra load such as a heavy toolbox or bulky sports equipment.

7. Get the Car Serviced

One of the most effective ways to reduce fuel bill is to take your car to a mechanic after every few weeks. Choked air filters, burnt out engine oil, poor tire inflation and other similar factors force the engine to work harder than required and, therefore, consume more petrol.

Follow these tips to reduce fuel consumption for a month or two at least and see if you are able to save money spent on refilling the car’s fuel tank. If there is little to no change and you are unable to save a considerable amount of money despite taking these steps, then it is highly likely that your car is outdated and needs to be replaced.

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