October 13, 2020

Time To Sell Your Car

You might, at times, feel that you need to sell your car and get a new one. However, you ignore the thought because of sentiments attached to the old car. The car might have a lot of connection with your life and memories, which you just can’t let go off, however, there are a few sure signs that it’s time to sell your car.

However, there comes a time when you really need to sell the car, however hard you love and want it. When you are spending a lot on its repairs and maintenance, it is worth trading it for a new one before it gets a zero value.

Signs That Its Time To Sell Your Car
Signs That It’s Time To Sell Your Car

Let us discuss the top four sure-signs you can spot when it is actually the time to sell your car and trade it for something new and exciting.

1. It Costs More To Keep It Running Than Its worth

When you first got your car, you might have spent on small things like a music player and A/C unit. But now, you find that you are spending a lot on repairs every month and the costs are increasing.

If you are always paying to garages and service stations, take time to determine whether you are spending more on keeping it running than its actual value.

The first step to finding out whether you should sell your car is to find its worth. Look into different selling modes to get an idea of its value. Next, you can visit a mechanic and get an estimate of the upcoming costs to keep it running.

The considerations include the big repairs that need to be done to maintain it now, the future repairs that will need to be done and maintenance costs that you expect over a course of time like a fluid replacement, tires, brakes, water pump and more.

Add these costs and compare to the value of the car. If the cost is greater than the worth, it is a better idea to use the money to get a new car instead of spending on keeping the old car running on the road.

If the comparison shows that the value is higher than the repair costs, you can decide to keep the car based on other considerations. If the figures are too close, you can listen to your instincts and decide whether you should spend on the repair or sell it off.

2. It Doesn’t Meet Your Requirements Any Longer

Your old car might have served you well at a time in the past but your life has changed, at a faster pace than you may imagine. Because of your sentiments attached to the car, you try and adjust it to your changing lifestyle and needs.

But at one point, you feel that it no longer meets your requirements. You might have moved to a different city or your family might have expanded. The car may not offer so much room to accommodate your family comfortably.

As you grow, the needs change. You might have purchased a sports car when you loved it as a student. As you plan the family, it becomes necessary to trade it for something with enough space for the family members.

Maybe you just got a new job in a city that needs commuting longer to reach. If you are driving an old car, you might have to compromise on the speed and mileage, costing you more time and money for sticking to it.

If, in any way, your car doesn’t meet your needs, it is a sure sign you should sell it and get one that meets your lifestyle and requirements. Ensuring a safe, reliable, cost-efficient and comfortable vehicle is the key to make sure your car meets your needs perfectly.

3. You No Longer Trust It For Safety

You might have reached a point where you hate the idea of getting into the car because you have lost faith in it. You fear it may not start and you don’t trust it for the safety of your loved ones and friends.

Car Safety Issues
Car Safety Issues

Your vehicle should, ultimately, be a reliable way to get from one point to another. Safety is a top concern for any car owner and it is something that is improving constantly in the world of cars.

Depending on the age of your car, it may miss out on the important safety features like airbags, advanced handling and brakes, rear-view camera, automatic parking, blind-spot monitoring and more.

If your car doesn’t meet the present safety standards, there is no use of holding onto it and putting yourself and the family at danger.

4. Parts Are Difficult & Expensive To Find

As your old car gets increasingly obsolete in comparison to the newer models introduced, you can find it harder to make the needed repairs.

Whenever the car company introduces major changes in a model, it starts discontinuing the parts and tools used for the outdated models. Everything in the world of cars changes so fast, and this applies very much to parts.

With the introduction of new models, the company decides to phase out the parts and tools used in older vehicles. Because of this, you may find that the prices of the parts rise to a greater extent than before, making it hard to afford.

Parts can also become difficult to find. Another reason for this problem can be that you are driving a car that comes from a manufacturer that is no longer in business.

If you find that parts and tools for your car are getting difficult to find or expensive, sell it when you can because nobody would want to buy a car that costs so much of effort and money to get replacement parts.


Car owners often find it difficult to decide when they should sell their car. These four sure signs should help you make your decision easier.

While sentiments can keep you holding on to the old vehicle, you should focus on the safety, cost and needs.

If your car doesn’t meet your lifestyle and needs and costs a lot to keep itself working, it is better to trade it off with something better.

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