August 15, 2021

 Here are a few tips to help you save money and help you make money. It is easier than you think, and a few small changes can make a big difference if you are disciplined about what you do with your savings and your extra income.

Save Money – Turn off your outside lights

Some people have lovely gardens and want to be able to see them at night, but there are two major flaws with that plan. Firstly, most people draw their curtains at night, and secondly, the amount of money you are wasting is more than you think. If you were to buy a wattage monitor, you would be able to see just how much money you are actually spending on lighting your garden every night, and that money could be better spent.

Why not try buying solar-powered lights. There are plenty of very low-priced solar lights that you can put in your garden. They charge during the day and light up at night, and the amount of electricity they save you is massive if you calculate it over the years.

Make Money – Rent Out your parking space

Is your parking space usually vacant? If you are the owner or renter of that parking space, then why not rent it out to other people. You cannot rent out space in front of your house if it is part of a public road, but you can rent out a driveway that you are paying for, maybe as a tenant or because it is part of your property.

What’s more, there are now websites such as that allow you to advertise your parking space to other people. There are even people that have parking spaces at work that they do not use, so they rent it informally to other people that are not direct employees or that do not have the luxury of a parking space with the company.

Turning Spare Space Into A Business Opportunity

Save Money – Washing up powder is not a special as you think

In Europe, most of which is a big part of a continent, there are only seven factories that make washing up powder. This means that most of the brands you see in stores around the world are made side-by-side with their own competitors in the same factories. This is because many of them use the same ingredients and same manufacturing process–they just have slightly different recipes.

The point of this tip is that if you are spending money on branded and expensive washing up powder, you may be paying for something that is only one ingredient more of matching a lower-priced washing up powder. By all means, you should pick the powder that you like, but remember that if you go for a lower-priced product, you are not getting something altogether different from the higher-priced powder.

Make Money – Do not sell “Your” stuff on eBay and Amazon

If you want to make money on eBay or Amazon, it is imperative that you do not sell your own items. The reasons for this are long and based on some very deep economics studies; suffice it to say that the people selling their own items on eBay and Amazon are making themselves poorer in the long-run.

What you have to do to make money on eBay and Amazon, is to buy yourself some stock and try to sell it on the selling websites. You have to go out of your way to find something to sell that you have purchased yourself. Find a good price on a few good items. Make a note of their price, and figure out how much you must sell them for whilst taking into consideration your selling fees, postage and packing fees. There should also be a profit margin attached to the item. Figure out your profitable price, and sell for that price or more. If you struggle to sell at those profitable prices, then you are not going to make money on eBay or Amazon.

Save Money – You are not as cold as you think you are

There are many times when people rush to put on the heating when they are not actually as cold as they think they are. Put on a sweater or something a little warmer and you will be fine. Furthermore, have a hot drink or something to eat, and you will often find that you warm up.

Your liver produces most of the heat in your body, and if it has been a long time since you ate, then it will have slowed down and will not be producing as much heat. Have a little snack, give your body time to digest, and soon you will be warm again as your liver kicks into high gear.

Make Money – Rent out your storage space

If you have storage space that you do not use, and you may own it or have permission to sublet it, then you should consider renting out your storage space. You can provide a very basic service of storage where you simply offer a locked room or part of your garage, or you can offer a more advanced service where the client gets a key or a lock-combination that only they know.

Renting out your storage space can be a little tricky because there are many people that are wary about leaving their goods in the hands of strangers. However, if you consider the fact that the cost of storage is quite high, you may find there are more people willing to risk it rather than pay the usually high fees for storage. This is especially true of larger items that the client cannot handle at the moment, such as pool tables, pianos and such.

Save Money – cook your own meals

The problem with ready-made and processed food is that it is filling, but it is not filling for very long. After a short while, people start grabbing for more tins of beans or microwave cauliflower cheese. There are times when this form of overeating is not fattening, but it is certainly expensive.

If you buy the ingredients to make full meals from scratch, then you get to save money in the long-run, especially if you keep half for the day after, and the meals are more filling, so you and your family will not eat as much and will subsequently save money.

Make Money – Consider a taxi scheme (Car pooling)

Carpooling is schemes that pop up in some countries from time to time. A person lists their daily commute on a website, and other people look them up. They then book a time so that they may join that person on that commute, and they pay the person that drives a standard fee (as dictated by the website or the driver in advance).

This does not involve being a taxi driver, or getting a taxi driver license, or even taking bookings. In order for it to be legal, such as in places like Britain, you have to list your current travel starting point, destination, time and frequency. People then apply to join you on that commute for a price. You may then deviate slightly from your route in order to pick up the person wanting a lift. Applying for and working on a scheme like this may mean you can make extra money through a commute you have to do anyway.

Car Sharing. What is it?

Save Money – Freeze as you please

Freezing food is a great way of saving money. You can freeze a lot more than you think you can. You may have already read other articles on saving money and have seen things that tell you to freeze your leftovers and such. Or, tips to make meals, divide them up, and then freeze them so you can eat them another day. These are all fine tips, but what they fail to point out is that you can freeze more than you think.

Freezing fruit is not a great idea, but things such as bread and milk (in plastic bottles) can be frozen. This saves you money on the fact you do not have to visit the shops twice a week to buy bread or milk. You can buy two weeks worth of milk and then freeze it. You then defrost it the day before you need it.

Make Money – Baby-sit for your friends and neighbours

It is really difficult to find a babysitter, and even harder to find a reliable one. Many parents simply forget about the possibility of time on their own because there is not a babysitter on hand. If you advertise your services, you should also make sure you mention that your customers can spend time on their own without the kids. Mention it in your adverts, and you may drum up more business for the fact that the parents forget they can do things alone without having to worry about the kids. In a way, you put the idea in their head about going out and doing something alone, without the kids, and you being a babysitter gives them the means to do it.

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