December 30, 2021

 Are you a frequent traveller and travel to long distances via public transport? Or do you find it difficult to reach your office on time through public transport? Consider joining a ride share program. This program isn’t something new, but still many people are unaware of it. Rideshare is a perfect option for non-car owners that commute daily by different modes of public transport. Here are some important points about ride share that you would like to know.

Who Can Benefit From Ride Share?

 Ride share is open to all types of individuals. It doesn’t matter if you own a car/vehicle, if you don’t want to drive alone, you can use ride share to have company along your route. Anyone can benefit from ride sharing.

 How To Find Ride Share Opportunities?

 Rideshare opportunities are not difficult to find because many individuals, as well as non- profit organizations, such as corporates, schools, church, etc, offer this service. Here are two easy and fast ways to find a good ride share opportunity for your daily commute. Find Ride Share Ads

 An easy way to find a ride share opportunity is ‘Ride share’ section of MyRentAndShare.Com. This website allows you to get in direct contact with those drivers and/or organizations that offer this facility. You are strongly advised to find a ride sharing opportunity in your location because if you have to go to any other area or place to use this service, it isn’t beneficial for you at all. On MyRentAndShare.Com you can use the search option under ‘Rideshare’ section. This search feature has many options, such as your location, your destination, your paying ability, your commute timing, etc.

 Post Ride Share Ads

 Another very easy way to find a ride share opportunity in your location to make your daily commute easy and comfortable is post your ad on MyRentAndShare.Com. it is 100% free to post ad on this website and you can get quick response from those that offer rideshare in your location. When posting your ad on MyRentAndShare.Com you are advised to add complete details of your commute, such as your destination, timing of commute, your location, the price you can afford to you charge, etc. Once you have posted your ad on MyRentAndShare.Com, you’ll get a response from those offering ride-sharing. Likewise, you can post ad on this website if you are offering ride sharing to other commuters located in your area.

 Benefits of Ride Share

 The benefits of ride share are too many. It allows you to save money and time on your daily commute. It enables you to enjoy a safe and comfortable travelling. It enables you to reduce your carbon footprints. It makes it cheaper for car owners to own a car/vehicle.

 On the whole, ride share is not only a perfect transportation mode for car/vehicle owners, but also for non-car owners that want to save money and time on their daily commute or long-distance travelling.

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