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Rashays Academy – Beautiful Sign Language Initiative By Dining Chain

Rashays Academy – Rashays Casual Dining is a family-owned restaurant brand in Australia that took an innovative initiative towards changing lives. The initiative was rolled out last year through its training academy that works to make all of its 22 restaurants deaf-friendly.

This gesture has set an example to be inspired to make this world a better place to live. Let us explore the details of this initiative in this post to learn about the unique step taken by the Australian restaurant.

Rashays Casual Dining – A Beautiful Gesture

The restaurant chain announced its world-first move of making all its venues deaf-friendly after its venue in Punchbowl became Sydney’s first restaurant to follow a mandatory rule for the staff to learn the basic Australian sign language. All the members of the venue embraced the initiative with enthusiasm to support the program. After that, it was rolled out through all the venues of the restaurant chain in the nation through the Rashays Training Academy. The company has also committed to employing more and more members with hearing difficulties.

The owner of Punchbowl store, Bashar Krayem had introduced this program to reduce the hindrances for deaf people looking to access the venue. It was a world-first initiative because there are restaurants employing deaf people but there were no restaurants compelling their hearing staff to learn the Auslan.

The owner believes in giving back to the community and has won the 2017 ‘Man of the Year’ Award for Australian Muslim Achievement. The restaurant aims to be Australia’s most inclusive venue through this gesture. Apart from the training program that compels staff members to learn the Australian sign language, Rashays is also committed to hiring more people with hearing difficulties. The dining chain aims to try their best to be able to deal with the community in the best way and create a great environment for the community.

 Rashays Rewards & Takeaway

Rashays Casual Dining chain offers exciting rewards and offers across different locations to give back to the community. Rashays Rewards members get access to exclusive offers and special discounts from time to time. When you register for the membership, you receive a discount of 10% every time you dine. Apart from this, you can enjoy exclusive daily deals and other offers to save on dining. For every dollar you spend at the restaurant, you get 1 point credited to your Rewards card that can be later redeemed for prizes and gift cards.

You can also purchase Rashays gift vouchers to gift great food to the people you love. These gift cards are available in any amount you choose and there is no limitation. Rashays also gives back by getting involved in fundraising to help those in need. Rashays Punchbowl also hosts sensory hour dinners were physically and mentally challenged customers are welcomed with their families to dine at the restaurant.

Last year, an Iftar dinner was hosted for people with autism and their families and during the hour, electronics were turned off, lights were dimmed and the noise was reduced to make these people comfortable. The initiative was taken to offer an environment to such people where they feel accepted and don’t have to worry about being judged.

Rashays Academy

The unique sign language initiative taken by the Australian casual dining chain is being accomplished through its training centre, Rashays Academy throughout the nation. The centre makes efforts to fulfil the goal of making all its venues become deaf-friendly this year. Rashays has hired deaf employees as well as interpreters to train its restaurant staff in the sign language. All the training sessions are being recorded and posted on a portal dedicated to sign-language training so that future staff can find resources to get trained.

Through this unique and mandatory training program, Rashays wants to make sure there is at least one member in every shift of all the restaurants belonging to the chain in Australia who can sign and make it easy for hearing-challenged people to access the venues.

The beautiful gesture by Rashays dining chain is certainly an inspiration for every business and allows us to think about the opportunities and benefits associated with making the communities more inclusive. Do share your thoughts and comments with us on our Facebook page. 


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