July 30, 2021

 The idea of sharing your car with a stranger may sound a bit frightening, but it’s happening all over the world and helping improving life standard. You, as a car owner, can save the environment and make extra cash for your expenses. Interesting thing about car sharing is that it is a win-win deal for both car owners and non-car owners. You get paid for sharing your car, and the non-car owner gets your car for a specific time period at incredibly cheap rates. If you own a car/vehicle that you’d like to share to put some extra bucks in your pocket, here are a few important things that you can use to make the most of your car sharing offer.

 Understanding Car Sharing Requirements

 Before offering car-sharing to other people, you need to make sure that you understand what it is and how does it work. There are some requirements that you need to get into close consideration to be able to share your car and to demand potential renter to fulfil these requirements to get your car. Let’s have a look at these requirements.

 Requirements For You

 1: Make sure your car is insured and your car insurance allows you to use your car for commercial purposes, such as for car sharing.

2: Make sure your car or vehicle is in good condition and can be shared with others.

3: Always offer reasonable rates per hour that others can pay.

 Requirements For Renter

1: Ask for a valid driver’s license. Never share your car with an underage driver.

 2: Ask for driving record and history.

3: Make sure they agree with the rates you are demanding.

4: Ask for complete contact and payment details, such as residential address, credit card number, etc.

5: Get their complete contact details, credit card number as well as emergency contact number.

 This is your job to put these requirements in front of the renter and if they meet it, go ahead and share your car. If the potential renter fails to meet any of the above-mentioned requirements, find a new renter.

 How To Find Potential Car Renters for Car Sharing?

 The fastest and the simplest way to meet potential car renters for car sharing is to post your ad on MyRentAndShare.Com. Simply go to ‘Offering car sharing’ section, and post your ad with genuine details, picture of your car/vehicle, the rate per hour and requirements. Also, don’t forget to mention your location. Besides this, you can share your car with your neighbours or close friends that need a car. You can post your ad on MyRentAndShare.Com for free and can get a quick response.

 Car sharing is good for your pocket and environment. It is a good way to meet new people and build up new connections. It can help you pay off your gas expenses or you can build up emergency cash or you can save money for your new car by offering car-sharing to other people.

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