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How To Get The Best Price When Selling Your Car

The Basics On How To Sell Your Car 

If you are selling a car, that means you or someone you knew at some point bought a car. Use your experience as a buyer to remember what stood out in your mind about the car you bought. What made you hesitant to buy? What vehicle histories, if any, did you look up? What did you ask your seller before you bought?

Your experience as a buyer can be invaluable to you as you set a price for your used car and try to sell a vehicle yourself. Your first big decision is the basic decision to sell your vehicle. Once you've made up your mind to sell, the primary objective becomes how to get the most money possible from your used car.

Your experience as a buyer can be invaluable to you as you set a price for your used car and try to sell a vehicle yourself. Your first big decision is the basic decision to sell your vehicle. Once you've made up your mind to sell, the primary objective becomes how to get the most money possible from your used car. 

Not everyone owns a Mercedes or a state of the art SUV. Sometimes you're working with a very used vehicle and might even wonder if anyone will buy it in the first place. The great news is that no matter how old your vehicle is or what brand it is, there's a buyer out there for it. And there are plenty of things you can do to get the most money possible out of your car.

It will be important to publish your ad and spread news of the sale around to as many qualified buyers as possible. You've got online venues, newspapers, and word-of-mouth private buyers all at your disposal to sell your vehicle.

Before selling, make sure that you follow general guidelines that will help you get more money from your vehicle. This means that before you ever see the first potential buyer, your car is in shape to sell and you've done all you can to boost its price. 

Tips To Sell Your Car For The Most Money 

No matter what brand and model you're selling, there's hope to get more money out of the final sale. Here are just a few of the ways that you can increase the value of your vehicle. First things first, though: Look up the Kelly Blue Book price for the brand and model of car that you're selling (price will go up or down depending on the condition of the vehicle).

Remember to honestly assess the condition of your vehicle. If you start out with an honest, realistic price, it will be easier to increase its value through these few simple tricks. 

Clean your vehicle! 

This might sound like a no-brainer, but there are people out there so anxious to get rid of a vehicle that they don't even clean up the interior and exterior beforehand.

Remember as a buyer what kind of impression that would have made on you. It's important for your buyer to believe that you've cared for your vehicle very well.

Having dirty tires and a dirty interior makes it look like you didn't care about your vehicle. And if you didn't care for your vehicle, your buyer probably won't care much about it either, especially not enough to pay more for it. When it's possible, you can even have your vehicle detailed in an effort to boost its value. 

Basic Service 

If your car needs an oil change, get it. If your car needs new brakes, get those. If your car needs power steering fluid, make sure you've got it so that the drive is smooth.

One good start is to get a free vehicle inspection (many places offer free inspections), pinpoint the basic problems in your vehicle, and then fix those so that you can honestly say it's in better shape and therefore increase the price a bit. Test drive your own vehicle, too, to see if the tires are driving smoothly and everything a buyer might notice is taken care of. 

Basic repairs 

If you've got a scratch on the hood that will affect price, fix it! You'd be amazed at how much this can up the value of your vehicle. If your car is in good shape, you can often sell it for thousands more than you would have been able to otherwise.

It's worth a few hundred to make a few thousand, so if you've got exterior dents and dings, fix them whenever possible. More than anything, this will increase the value of your vehicle. 

Have Records Ready 

Buyers appreciate an honest seller. If you have service records for your vehicle, by all means, show them to the buyer so they know that you took care of the vehicle.

You can even print out a vehicle history and offer it to your buyer when it's to your advantage so that they know you're an honest seller. So often, people will pay a good seller a bit more than a bad one.

So whenever you have records, be transparent about them and anything else that might impress a potential buyer. When folks believe they're buying from someone honest, they are a bit more generous with their offers 

Get Ready To Make The Most Out Of Your Car 

Your car has meant a lot to you, so it's only natural that you want to get the most money out of it here at the end. Oftentimes, that begins by fixing the little minor things that might scare away a generous buyer (for example, squealing brakes or a bad scratch on the hood).

Buyers want to be generous but often a seller has to do a few things first. Don't put your car up for sale and then just leave it sitting there waiting for folks to come look at it! Make sure that you clean, or even detail, your vehicle before a potential buyer looks at it. And always, always make sure that the minor issues that would scare away a good buyer are fixed before they ever step foot in the vehicle.

Looks aren't everything on a vehicle, but having an untidy vehicle and one with minor issues that are very noticeable during a test drive will keep your price low and unacceptable.

To combat this, make sure to follow through on this course of action before you have buyers to look at the vehicle. By cleaning your car, servicing it, and then be open and honest with buyers, you'll make a lot more money than you would have otherwise.

And remember, you can sometimes park a car at a repair or used car place and pay them a fee to have folks look at the car FOR you. You don't always have to handle a private sell yourself, but remember that you're going to pay a fee in order to do this. 

To review 

  • Clean your vehicle or even have it professionally detailed
  • Get basic service and repairs done before a buyer looks at the car
  • Offer a full test drive of the car to your buyer
  • Have all records ready and be honest about vehicle history

If you do these few things, you could potentially make thousands more from the sale of your car or at the very least hundreds more, all with just a little bit of work on your part.

Cleaning your vehicle is a no-brainer, but if you think you have a very generous buyer, have the car detailed professionally. You'd be amazed at what kind of impression it makes on a buyer when they have a used car feel like new the minute they step in to test drive it. One things for sure, you're likely to sell the vehicle much easier if you follow these few simple tips! 


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