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Lift-Share Schemes: The Pros and Cons of Lift-sharing

Are you wondering about whether you should use a lift-share scheme or not? You might have heard about the various advantages of lift-share schemes but are you also thinking about what could possibly go wrong when using a shared car ride?

If you are a bit sceptical or cautious about using this type of service, then worry no more. Here we have presented the various advantages as well as the disadvantages of lift-share schemes to help you decide if this method’s right for you or not. 


Lift-sharing or lift-share schemes means sharing a ride with someone who needs a lift as their destination is the same as yours or comes on the way to yours. Lift-sharing can refer to sharing ride as a driver or even as a passenger. 

The Advantages of Lift-Sharing Schemes 

Convenience – Lift-sharing is more convenient than commuting by bus because you can find a ride that follows your desired route more closely than a public bus. Thus, you arrive at your destination a lot quicker because a lift takes a shorter route.

Saves time– You don’t have to wait for the bus to arrive or wait unnecessarily when the bus halts at every stop and waits for passengers to board or get off. Also, you avoid delays that occur when a bus arrives later than the scheduled time.

Saves money – In most cases, lift-sharing will cost you less than a public bus, train or other similar means of transport. This is because many drivers charge minimal amounts as this is not their primary source of income. They might be doing it out of goodwill or just to earn a little bit of extra money on the side.

Environment-friendly – When people share rides, it reduces the total number of cars out on the road. This reduces the amount of fuel consumed as well as the pollution level. It also decreases traffic jams. 

The Disadvantages of Lift-Sharing Schemes 

Takes more time – Although it is much faster than public transportation, lift-sharing might still take longer than commuting by a taxi or privately because you might have to stop to pick up or drop other passengers in the car. This is a problem especially if your driver picks up people who request them to take a different route.

Close proximity to strangers – Lift-sharing might be a more private option than public transportation, but at the same time, it also puts you in much closer proximity to others who will also be sharing the ride. This can lead to uncomfortable situations, especially if the other passengers are unfriendly, unhygienic, etc..

So, now that you know about the main advantages and disadvantages of life-sharing will you share the next ride? 


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