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KPop Diet Plan – The Ridiculously Hard KPopStar Diet – “Revealed”

People in every corner of the world are concerned about losing weight. This is true for the celebrities including KPop Idols too. Korean pop stars are good-looking, perfectly shaped and attractive.

They serve as fitness inspiration for millions of fans. These KPop Idols have tried and followed some strict and unique diets that work to get them slim and sexy figures. 

How do Kpop Idols Lose Weight? 

We are all keen to learn about the diet secrets of popular KPopstars. Here, we take a closer look at what type of hard diets your favourite KPop Idols follow.  

KPop Diet Plan – Does It Work? 

Read on to find out more about one of the craziest Korean trends – extreme Kpop Star diets to get a toned body. We hope these secrets and diet plans become your fitness and health inspiration. 

Korean Diet Plans 


This KPop Star publicly shares the diet tips that help her look slim and stay healthy. IU followed a diet comprising of fruits, vegetables and proteins. She reveals that she consumes potatoes, apples and protein drinks every day as separate meals. She also followed the sweet potatoes diet to lose weight. 

IU combines her diet plan with an hour of aerobics like stretching and push-ups to stay fit. The Korean star also advises that one should know what he is eating if he wants to achieve a nice body shape.  


The main vocalist of Red Velvet, Wendy has received a lot of attention after losing weight and getting a slim figure. The KPop Star reveals that she lost much weight through extreme ‘One food diet’. She had also tried ‘Lemon Detox’ diet and even the 13-day ‘Deadly Diet’ where she would eat only half a cup of rice in the morning, half an apple in lunch and nothing in dinner. She also included exercises like jumping and running in her routine to be able to lose the extra fats and maintain the body shape.

Wendy recently said that though she loves eating, she restrains herself by eating just a bite of the food. She recommends aerobics to lose weight. 


Former Sistar member Dasom revealed her diet secret to be the extreme ‘One Food Diet’ to be able to lose more than 20 pounds in just 3 weeks. This KPop Idol has been attracting the attention of crowds through her rapid body changes. The super-food she used to achieve such a weight loss was cucumber. This vegetable is low in calories and high in water-content helps the body excrete unwanted waste and fat. Dasom used to eat cucumbers throughout the day and felt refreshed and healthy. She eats organic bread and brown rice. 

Park Bom 

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom reveals that the secret to her beautiful figure is the ‘Watermelon Diet’. She could lose some weight quickly by eating watermelons. As this fruit contains a lot of water, it helps curb the appetite and provides essential nutrients for the body.  

To maintain her weight and shape, Park Bom adds lettuce to whatever she eats. ‘Lettuce Diet’ works for weight loss by keeping the stomach feeling full as it is full of fiber. The KPop Star takes salads and sandwiches containing lettuce. She adds 2 liters of water and about an hour of exercise to her routine to stay fit and healthy.  


Popular KPop Idol Seohyun of SNSD is known for her healthy lifestyle and fresh look. She loves eating sweet potatoes. She followed the ‘Sweet Potato Diet’ to lose some extra pounds quickly. This super-food is quite healthy and good for the skin too. It contains a lot of carbohydrates to help lose weight fast. Seohyun reveals that she takes healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and soy milk to maintain her charm. She makes her own healthy recipes. In a recent photo shoot for Cosmopolitan, the KPop Star looked stunning.  

Park Bo Ram 

The Korean Superstar Park Bo Ram has unveiled her secret to losing 32 kgs of weight before her debut. She has shared her diet and workout schedule publicly. Looking at the exercises and diet plan, we can say that she has worked really hard to accomplish weight loss. This idol even went on extreme ‘One food diet’ using tomatoes to quickly shed some pounds. Tomatoes are quite healthy and the one food diet is great for cleansing and digestion. She has also tried other types of diets. She has followed strict diet plans for a course of 2 to 3 years to achieve the slim figure we see her in. Park Bo Ram maintains her fitness through strict workout regime and diet rich in sweet potatoes and egg whites. She also adds a lot of vegetables to her diet to maintain her weight. 


Famous KPop Idol T.O.P from BigBang had stunned his fans once with a past picture of him in which he looked so fat. The superstar was frustrated with his body and weight and had decided to go on an extreme diet to achieve the ideal body his fans admire today. He had lost more than 19 kg of weight in just one month. He followed the ‘Red Bean Diet’ to shed all the extra pounds. Red beans, when consumed in the form of tea, provide a lot of calcium helping the body excrete sodium. Consuming some boiled red beans also helps suppress the appetite and keep you feeling full and satiated. T.O.P, when in senior high school, ate red beans acquired from the traditionalmarket as snacks. He consumed mineral water and unsweetened jelly whenever he felt hungry.  

Park Shin-Hye 

The KPop Idol famous for being close to the most handsome actors had some extra weight that she managed to shed with some extreme diet plans. She went on a ‘Vegetable Diet’ to consume only 300 calories per day. She used to take cucumbers in the breakfast and brown rice combined with a lot of vegetables in the lunch. For dinner, she ate cucumber and vegetables to curb her hunger. She used to drink water infused from red beans and pumpkins. She reveals that infused water is great for dieting. This Korean actress has achieved an attractive body shape through her weight loss plan and diet program.

If you too are serious about weight loss and fitness, you can start following one of the diets recommended by these popular KPop Stars. Some of them are pretty easy while some others sound painful. However, all of them would take you closer to your goal of getting slimmer and staying fit and beautiful. 


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