September 30, 2021

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 It is possible to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, but the same can be said of most things. Making a lot of money is not easy, and with affiliate advertising, you may not make any money at all. There are a lot of articles and online videos that claim you can get rich through affiliate advertising, but it is very difficult to point where playing the lottery is probably a better idea for making money. Here is a frank and honest look at how to make money via affiliate marketing.

A single website you care for infrequently

Startup a website and add to it every now and again. Add new pages, update the content and keep it relevant. Over time, your website will grow to the point where the easy-to-enter affiliate advertising networks will let you post adverts.

The easy-to-enter affiliate networks are the ones that do not insist on certain traffic numbers. They are the ones that insist on certain website specifications, such as having a full and/or complete website. Affiliate networks such as Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates and will insist on a complete website over having lots of traffic.

Once you qualify for admission onto the network, you can place the adverts on your website. Over time, you may see a few cents appear per month because your viewers click on the adverts, or because you were paid for getting impressions from a certain amount of viewers.

This is the least labour-intensive method because you only casually update and improve the website; you do not actively care for your traffic, and so only receive a nominal amount each week.

Intensively marketing a website to draw infrequent traffic

This is where you build your website and update it every few days (at least once every week). You work hard to pander to your traffic so that it keeps returning, and you intensively market your website to get new traffic.

This is going to get you more affiliate money than the previous method, but how much you get is going to vary considerably. People spend thousands on their website and receive just a few pennies back in affiliate money every day. This is a very risky move to make because you can lose a lot of money for nothing in return.

Caring for numerous websites and updating each one once per five days

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can passively care for a few websites at a time. Causally update, refresh and add to the content of your websites in an Adhoc fashion. As you know, a passively cared for the website will generate a few pennies every week. The idea is that if you have a lot of websites then those pennies add up to something a little juicier.

The only downside is that you have to find a way of generating traffic for those websites and you still have to care for and maintain those websites, which can turn into a lot of work if you have quite a few of them.

Creating a niche website

The niche you choose and how well you approach the niche is going to determine how much money you make from the audience. For example, there are websites that give movie reviews for romance films. They are appealing to a very healthy target audience within a reasonably popular niche. They put affiliate networks on their websites that people can follow the links and buy the movies they review. People buy the movies and they make their affiliate money. Sounds like a good idea right? Trouble is these people make no money.

Why don’t people make affiliate money in the movie reviews example? The reason is that they are not approaching the niche correctly. There are already lots of very popular movie review sites, so why would people visit yours? The people that land on your website is probably going to download the movie for free anyway.

The biggest reason review sites fail to make affiliate money is because these types of websites are never impartial. You rarely see reviews that advise the reader “not” to watch the movie. The webmaster wants to make affiliate money, so the webmaster says all the movies reviewed are watchable with the hopes the reader will click the affiliate advertising. The reviews cannot be trusted and so people do not visit.

A very successful website that makes a lot of money via affiliate advertising is a website that details the many different types of faucets (taps in the UK). It is a website that is nothing short of a catalogue of all the taps currently available to buy online from the biggest online merchants. The website has affiliate links to the top merchants too, and every time people click the links the website makes money.

People looking for faucets find the website and look for the ones they want. They think click the affiliate links to find a place where they can buy the faucet. It approaches the niche very well and provides a great service for the user by letting them see a lot of faucet designs without having to visit lots of different websites.

Building a website that creates a niche following

You can create a website that chooses and approaches a niche, like the examples above, or you can build a website and then attract a niche following. For example, you may start a website on science fiction and feature pages and posts on current TV science fiction shows. The fans of the shows will follow you because of your posts and not specifically because of the niche your website.

Create a niche following and then pick your adverts very carefully to make money. Picking your adverts well means pandering to the following you have. For example, if you were targeting young science fiction nerds, then affiliate advertising about mortgages and life insurance are not going to get you many clicks.

Making money from your website

With a niche website or a niche following, you will have to tend to your adverts and try your best to make sure they appeal to your target audience. If you can control the adverts you put on to your website, then you have more of an opportunity to make a lot of money. For example, the faucet website would not make money if it couldn’t control the adverts it puts on the website, and your website will not make money if the adverts do not appeal to your current viewers.

For example, if you have viewers that either want to save or make money, then insert MyRentAndShare adverts into your website. You should also remember that a good compensation scheme is needed. There is no point in getting lots of people to click your adverts if they only pay a penny per click. With MyRentAndShare, you get a large chunk of money and a 120-day cookie inserted into your viewer’s computer when they click to help increase your chances of being paid for purchases. Making money with affiliate advertising isn’t easy, but it is possible to make money in the long-term if you go about it the right way.

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