November 15, 2021

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 How would you like to earn an extra $1000 a month? Or maybe a $1000 a week? You can do it online with a bit of work. This will take time, a few months maybe more depending on how much effort you put into this program. The hardest part is starting and learning, but over the next few months, it will get easier and will take you less time.

 So how do I earn all this money online? Easy. By starting your own blog and joining our affiliate program. Sound’s easy right. It is, but it is a bit of work, It is great fun and you may find it addictive. Also being that your working online means you can work anywhere there is an Internet connection. Your office could be your local coffee shop or in a quiet park, you can really work from anywhere.

 So how does all this work? First, you will need to start a blog if you don’t already have one. This is quite easy. If you’re not sure just click here we will show you how.

 Then you will need to join our affiliate program. Click here to join. Now that you’re done that I’ll show you how to start making all that money.

 Making money with affiliate marketing. Basically you will be promoting on your blog. Myrentandshare is a car and real estate classified website. So after you have joined the affiliate program you can place text links and banners on your blog. When someone who is visiting your site clicks on one of those links or banners they are taken to and if they place a paid classified listing on myrentandshare you earn a 31% commission of that sale.

 The hardest part of running a successful blog is getting web traffic. This is what you will spend most of your time working on trying to increase your daily visitor’s. The more visitors you have visited your blog the more money you can earn. The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a lot of traffic to earn $1000 a month or more. Let us take a look at the maths.

 $1000 a month divided by 28 days(1 month) = $35.72 a day. The best part of earning money online is that you can earn 7 days a week 24 hrs a day.

 Pricing to advertise on myrentandshare.

 6 Month ad is $58.99. So you earn 31% of that is $18.28 per paid listing. So you would only need to send two visitors a day to myrentandshare to place an 6-month ad. ($18.28 x 2 = $36.57 a day or $1024 a month.)

 3 Month ad is $28.99. So you earn 31% of that is $8.98 per paid listing. So you would only need to send Four visitors a day to myrentandshare to place a 3-month ad. ($8.98 x 4 = $35.92 a day or $1005.76 a month.)

 1-month ad is $9.99. So you earn 31% of that is $3.09 per paid listing. So you would only need to send 12 visitors a day to myrentandshare to place a 1-month ad. ($3.09 x 12 = $37.08 a day or $1038.24 a month.)

As you can see you don’t need a lot of traffic to your blog to generate $1000 a month. Also, there are other ways you earn with myrentandshare’s affiliate program. First, there is the 90-day cookie. Which means the visitor that you sent to myrentandshare, you earn a commission for what every they spend within those 90 days. So if that visitor placed a 1-month ad for $9.99, after the month was finished and they renewed their ad for another month you earn commission again. And if they renew their ad again you would earn commission again. So you earned commission 3 times for that 1 visitor.

 The other way to earn a commission is by the 2 tier program. When you place a link on your blog advertising about myrentandshare’s affiliate program trying to get other people to sign up as affiliates. When a person signs up as an affiliate using your link you will earn 5% of any sale they make forever. So if that affiliate made $1000 a month you would earn $50 for that month, just for signing them up to myrentandshare’s affiliate program. Imagine if you signed up 10 of those affiliates, that’s $500 a month just for signing up those affiliates. Now imagine if you could sign up 100 or mare affiliates.

 As you can see there is HUGE potential to earn $1000 a month or a lot more just by joining myrentandshare’s affiliate program and promoting to all the visitors on your blog or website.

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