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How to Find the Best Shared Accommodation

Finding the best shared accommodation

From university students under the pressure of loans to people living on a tight budget, anyone looking for affordable housing knows that shared accommodation is the cheapest option available. But that is not the only reason why this mode of living has become such a popular option in various countries all over the world.  Amongst the other benefits of shared accommodation, comfort and security top the list.

Finding shared accommodation in any region is very easy but most people will move into the new place only to realize that they have made a big mistake because they are unable to get along well with the other members, feel that there is a lack of essential facilities in the house, or face other problems.

If you are looking for shared accommodation and want to ensure that you book the best place in the first attempt, then it’s important to take the right approach when searching for one.

Follow these easy yet effective tips to find the best-shared accommodation in Australia.


Make a List of What You Want

Before you begin hunting, think carefully about what your ideal shared accommodation looks like. Do you wish to steer clear of members who smoke? Will you have a problem if a roommate has a pet? Do you want to live with people of your own age or can you get along with everyone?

List your answers in black and white so that you don’t forget to discuss them when you find a place.

Using the Right Platform

Finding a joint house will require you to take help from the internet. Search for online platforms dedicated to this purpose and then quickly analyze their ratings, reviews, and other details to ensure that it is a genuine site and not a scam.

Browse through their contact information and inquire more if you feel the need.

Browse Through the Listed Ads

Use the search option on the sites and enter the related keywords if you have any particular requirements for the place. Otherwise, you can simply browse through all the listed ads and see if they meet your needs.

If something seems to click, contact the owner of the house or the person who posted the ad using the contact details given. Make sure to discuss the important issues with them. For instance, if you want facilities such as an internet connection, separate bathroom, double bed and so on, inquire about them now.

Post an Ad

If nothing fits what you are looking for, then you can use the ‘wanted share accommodation’ option on these sites to post your own ad. Mention your basic personal information, contact details, and the desired location and the amount of money that you can pay for your stay. It is best to mention any more details/requirements (if any) within the ad to save time and avoid future confusion.

It might take some time for people to reply back, but it will be surely worth the wait. Follow these tips to find the best-shared accommodation and avoid the hassle of running to the property manager, agents, and other firms for booking a decent living place.

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