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Want to know what workout and diet plan would suit you? Get help from blood type!

Having a certain level of knowledge about your blood type is not only imperative while transfusing your blood but affects many areas of your health. You must have noticed that some people lose weight fast and efficiently as compared to others whereas others fight a non-stop battle. Few people stay healthy in their advanced years, but others suffer from chronic diseases. All of this is due to different blood types and their effects on the body.

Let's discuss the workout and diet regimes that suits each blood type. 

Best Workouts and Diet According to Blood Type 

Customizing the workout according to the fitness level and blood type helps a lot in easy and fast weight loss journey. This is the best way to treat the genetic makeup luxuriously.

 Type O 

They are athletes with naturally slow blood circulation. They have a muscular body type that calls for challenging workout. Bicycling, jogging, swimming, and hiking is best for them. Type O people must do exercises to release stress, worries, anxieties, and fears.

What to eat? People of this blood group require fish, meat, and egg proteins. The vegetables like garlic, ginger, turnip, pumpkins, onions, broccoli and lettuce must be included in their diet. They must avoid eggplant, cauliflower, corn, cabbage, and spinach. Wheat starch is not good for them. 

 Type A 

Type A people tend to function on nervous energy. They are intellectuals and not prone to same routines and must utilize mental energy in their activities. The best workouts for these people are light swimming, tai chi, yoga jogging, and calisthenics.

Healthy Food Options: Wheat based diet is made for these people. They must include oats, rice, pumpkin, rye, fig, apricot and buckwheat in their diet. Animal proteins do not suit them. They must avoid animal food like chicken, eggs, and fish plus banana, papaya, pistachio, and coconut. 

 Type B

Cardio exercise in the morning works best for people belonging to B blood type group. They are well organized so in this way their mind is focused, and stress is released essentially. Hiking, swimming, tai chi, and jogging are best for them.

Best Dietary Options: Animal protein suit them while wheat doesn't work that way. They must have more of green vegetables, dairy, eggs, oats, and milk products. Animal products do not suit type B. they must also not include tomatoes, peanuts, buckwheat and corn in their diet. 

Type AB  

 They are the progressives and yoga works best for them. Only 5% of world population falls under this blood type.

Nutritional Choices: Combination foods are best for AB folks like tofu, yogurt, walnuts, seafood, goat milk broccoli, and berries. All type of Rice works best with them when combined with pulses. Starving is not a good option for group AB. They must also stay away from whole milk, caffeine, coconut, and mangoes.

Bottom Line  

For excellent results follow the diet plan and workout based on your blood type. Eat healthy and stay happy! 


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