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The Hidden Dangers of Bowen Therapy – What You Should Know?

Bowen Therapy is getting popular because of its ability to help with a number of conditions and symptoms and the number of success stories from thousands of patients. The unique feature of this technique is the gentle, non-invasive nature and a number of breaks integrated into the sessions. This therapy works by stimulating the human body to heal itself.

However, it is important to learn about the dangers associated with Bowen Therapy before trying it. Your Bowen therapist may not warn you about the hidden complications of this therapy which can result in serious health problems.

In this post, we discuss the side effects of the Bowen Therapy and other important things you should know about the technique before going for it.

The Hidden Dangers of Bowen Therapy 

While the Bowen Therapy works by stimulating the soft tissues in the targeted areas of the body, it actually looks for an appropriate response from the body to correct the imbalances and restore the homeostasis. However, response to the treatment is not always the same and can vary largely from person to person. The response also differs depending on the presenting symptoms. All the reactions are not the same and they don't occur in the same timeline.

People undergoing the treatment report different experiences during the sessions. While most of them report feeling relaxed and warm, others also report feeling twitching sensations and some others also experienced a popping sensation in the ears. A common reaction to the therapy is a rumbling stomach which signals the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Other reactions include stiffness, soreness, flu-like symptoms, headaches, enhanced dream activity and others.

There is no evidence that Bowen Therapy is helpful to people suffering from health conditions. This implies that therapeutic claims made for this treatment are false and misleading.

According to the results of a review of alternative treatments sought to determine if any of them were suitable to be covered by health insurance, Bowen Therapy was one of the 17 methods evaluated for which no clear evidence of effectiveness was found. It is included in the Quackwatch's list of 'questionable treatments'.

Bowen Therapy Side Effects 

Although Bowen Therapy can have a lot of benefits for certain people, it comes with its list of side effects that could possibly plague someone who is going through this kind of therapy. Although they are not very serious side effects, it's worth noting them nonetheless. Bowen therapy can often cause feelings of warmth or tingling during the procedure.

There have been reports of people feeling more tired than usual after their sessions and sometimes your pain could simply move to another area instead of reducing or going away. Bowen therapists often also advise their patients to avoid strenuous exercise for long periods of time and sitting for long periods of time immediately after the session.

Health practitioners identify the side effects of this therapy as the 'healing crisis' where the body is in the process of resetting itself. The body works to eliminate the toxins and stress when the Bowen therapy addresses the root issues. Such issues rise to the surface in the form of side effects or 'healing crisis' which different people experience in different forms. 

Bowen Therapy Reviews – What Others Say? 

Since there are so many people that are taking Bowen therapy sessions for different reasons, it's important to find out how they like the treatment, if they like it or not and what difficulties they may have faced-

"Difficult to find a reliable practitioner. Tremors always diminished when I was on the table, but nothing permanent," says Dawn Angel, who went for Bowen therapy for Parkinson's disease.

"My mother had a bad sciatic nerve problem, she went to the Bowen therapist twice… was gone….that was two years ago," says Gish, who reports a monthly cost of $100-200 per month for Bowen Therapy. Bowen Therapy has been reported to be dangerous for some people. A patient was treated for jaw when he felt strange whooshing in the entire face accompanied by headache. He also felt emotional with restless sleep and weird dreams. He also had a strange pain in the kidneys in one of the sessions. These side effects are a part of the therapy and seen as different conditions in different people before they are healed and cured.

Bowen Therapy Melbourne 

Here are the top 10 Bowen Therapy Clinics in Sydney

  1. Absolute Body Harmony- Wantima, VIC 3152
  2. Anew You Body Solutions- Surrey Hills, VIC 3127
  3. ShenBow for Life Bowen Therapy- Croydon, VIC 3136
  4. Bowen Therapy East Malvern- Malvern East, VIC 3145
  5. Gladys Arnold- Mulgrave, VIC 3170
  6. Empower Bowen Therapy- Doncaster East, VIC 3109
  7. Olive Lane- Doncaster East, VIC 3109
  8. Hutchinson Rebecca- Wantirna, VIC 3152
  9. Gaye North- Templestowe Lower, VIC 3107
  10. Carolyn Golding- Scoresby, VIC 3179

Bowen Therapy Sydney

Here are the top 10 Bowen Therapy Clinics in Sydney-

  1. Penrith Bowen Therapy Clinic- South Penrith, NSW 2750
  2. Bowen Therapy Sydney- Quakers Hill, NSW 2763
  3. Cadger A- Cambridge Gardens, NSW 2747
  4. Abounding Health- Seven Hills, NSW 2147
  5. Williams, Jan- Dundas, NSW 2117
  6. Rubick Michelle- St Marys, NSW 2760
  7. Kim Cadger- Cambridge Gardens, NSW 2747
  8. Brian Bowes Remedial Massage Therapy- St Clair, NSW 2759
  9. Susan Lagat's Bowen Technique- Blacktown, NSW 2148

We hope this post helps you identify the hidden dangers of Bowen Therapy and what you can expect from it. Do share your experiences and thoughts with us on our Facebook page. 


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