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Evaluate your Snacking Regime with this Healthy Eating Quiz

A healthy diet is the most important thing in life no matter what your age is! It is never a bad idea to make few changes in your routine. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet reduces the risk of many diseases like heart, diabetes, stroke, obesity and aids you in maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy weight implies a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Healthy food comprises of all kinds of nutrients and does not suffice on a single family of food. It is always a good idea to eat a variety of food as some foods have high nutrient value than others. Moreover, your taste buds also need some pampering that can be only catered with different kinds of food. This variation in eatery also lets you perform better, think better and feel better during the daily routine. So do not feel guilty when you are trying out different snacks and eating frequent plus small meals to stay fueled up throughout the day.

To help you identify healthy food we have designed a Healthy Eating Quiz so that you could rate healthy eating habits.

1. Is it healthy to snack on chips or candy bar every day or once in a while? State yes or no

2. Is it ok to snack just because you are watching TV or getting bored? State yes or no

3. When you do not get regular snacks or meals, do you feel grouchy or tired? State yes or no

4. Do kids require eating having more meals or snacks than adults as they have small stomachs? State yes or no

5. If a person snacks right then he is never hungry, also at mealtimes. State yes or no

6. If you wish to limit the size of your snack then buying single packaged serving is the only solution. State yes or no

7. If you give a healthy snack to your child, then he deserves to snack freely. State yes or no

8. A handy kid snack in after-school is cheese, fresh fruits or fruit kabob. State yes or no

9. Snacking late night is a big cause of weight gain. State yes or no

10. Baked Tortilla crackers are a low-fat snack which provides fibre. State yes or no

11. Pudding made with skimmed milk is a healthy snack. State yes or no

12. Sugared snap peas and baby carrots are good options for a snack that help boost daily vegetable intake? State yes or no

13. Snacking effects on the weight of kids and their teeth as well. State yes or no

14. You can snack freely if the snacks are healthy? State yes or no

15. Pick up a healthy snack for the family

a. Trail Mix or Granola Bar.

b. Cheese and crackers or Sandwich Crackers

c. Pretzels or popcorn

d. Flavoured Seltzers or Sports drinks

e. Low-fat peanut Butter or Standard Peanut Butter

f. Fruit Juice or Smoothies

Correct Answers 1. No 2. No 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. No 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. Yes 12. Yes 13. Yes 14. Yes 15. a. Trail Mix, b. Cheese and crackers, c. Popcorn, d. Flavored Seltzers, e. Standard Peanut Butter, f. Fruit Juice 


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