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Gardening Tips to Boost the Value of Your Property

When it comes to increasing the value of a property before selling it, different people adopt different tactics. Some turn to basic maintenance and repairs, whereas others renovate their kitchen, add a loft conversion, or even come up with more innovative ideas like turning the garage into a living room.

However, what most homeowners underestimate or overlook entirely is the importance of home gardens in boosting the property value. Whether you plant some exotic flowers or add more elaborate features like a water fountain and the likes, gardening and landscaping can do wonders in giving your property an incredible uplift.

Here are some quick facts that you ought to know.

  • Landscaping can add up to $15,000 or more to the total value of your home.
  • A case study conducted by Brisbane City Council found that streets with a dense tree cover were priced about 5.4% higher than the median sale price for houses.
  • Many real estate agents believe that a neglected garden reduces the property value as much as up to 15%.

So, if you are planning to sell your house, then make the most out of it by investing a little into improving your garden. Follow these gardening tips to spruce up your property. 

Tackle Basic Maintenance 

 Mow your lawn, prune the trees, and trim any unwanted or wild vegetation. If you are not so keen on spending a little extra to enhance your garden, then handle the basic maintenance to prevent a shabby-looking yard from affecting the sale price for your house.

A well-groomed garden with prim and proper edges gives a neat and organised look. This, in turn, evokes a sense of style and character that can help you secure a good deal for your property.

Overcome Property Problems 

If you feel that a busy street, overlooking neighbours, or other similar issues are a downside for your property, then here’s a genius hack: plant trees.

Trees or even thick bushes around your property can significantly reduce—if not completely overcome—a lack of privacy. This is something you can benefit from not just when selling your house, but also while you are still residing therein. Of course, it takes several years for trees to reach high and form a dense cover, so if you want to sell immediately, contact a good garden centre or the nursery in your local area and they can help you plant mature hedges. 

Add a Touch of Extravagance 

A finely landscaped garden has the potential to add up to thousands of dollars to the sale price of your house. Consider installing a small fountain, building an impressive rock garden, placing a unique garden bench, or adding a touch of extravagance in various other ways to attract buyers and increase your chances of selling effectively. You might have to hire expert workers to help you with these tasks, but once completed, such fancy features prove to be well worth the extra work.

Be it a simple spread of green or a high-end ornamental plantation, gardening is a sure-fire way for boosting property value. Even if you don’t intend to sell in the near future, proper gardening can make your house a more pleasant place and provide the perfect backdrop to outdoor activities that Aussies love such as barbecuing.

Upgrade your yard today! 


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