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Shared Accommodation from the Renter’s and Owner’s Point of View

Although the concept of shared accommodation is nothing new, what is surely new is the widespread popularity that it has gained over the past few years. The idea of sharing a living space with others might not seem so catchy at first but despite the reservations, many people opt for this mode of housing because of the numerous benefits that it offers.

Are you one of the many young adults or to be more precise, university students who wish to have their own place but don't yet have the finances to afford one? Or do you own a property and are looking for ways to turn it into a source of some extra income?

Whether you are looking for affordable housing or a profitable investment, it is not an exaggeration to say that shared accommodation is your best bet.

Here are the advantages of shared accommodation from the perspective of both, the renter as well as the property owner. 

Advantages of Shared Accommodation for the Renters 

For university-going students and fresh graduates or anyone else without a proper personal place, shared accommodation is the most lucrative option. Not only can you find a decent place to reside in but it is also a lot more affordable than most other options.

This enables you to live comfortably as well as save money for other important things such as the tuition fees, buying your own home or car and so on.

Another advantage of shared accommodation is that it is a truly versatile housing option. For instance, if you plan to stay for a long period of time, you can search for an apartment with a roommate whereas if you wish to stay for a short time period only, then you can rent a room for the required number of days. 

Advantages of Shared Accommodation for the Property Owners 

Many property owners wonder if shared housing is a good investment. And the answer to that is simple – yes!

Instead of selling it out, consider renting your property because it can help you earn extra cash and ease financial troubles. Even if not the entire place, you can rent out one or all the extra rooms that you don't normally use.

The main advantage of shared accommodation for the property owners is that it is a trouble-free investment. All you need to do is list your place on online platforms dedicated to this purpose. Advertise it by adding pictures and wait for a renter to contact you.

No matter which angle you look at it from, shared accommodation helps you increase your monetary savings and can be the answer to your financial problems. 


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