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Connect with Others and Lighten Your Footprint on the Planet with Shared Accommodation

Welcome to, the ideal source for locating the fabulous, friendly and totally livable room share of your dreams. We understand that today's fast-paced lifestyle can often require frequent or sudden moves to new communities for work or study opportunities.

Sometimes the need arises to relocate to a new neighbourhood just across town if your current house share or apartment lease agreement is ending.

If you are still living at home with your family until you graduate from college or tafe soon, you may be eager to start your working life in a flat share with your peers and coworkers. Perhaps you are coming to Australia for a month or two and need share accommodation on a temporary basis.

Whatever your circumstance and need for locating shared accommodations, we are here to help make your move to a new shared accommodation as easy, satisfactory and enjoyable as possible.

For those of you with a room to offer for lease, we are equally prepared and pleased assist you in finding the perfect new flatmate to join your household as a renter. Anyone with a spare room for a rental will find it simple, easy and stress-free to gain a new roommate by posting an ad on our website.

Our simplified site navigation enables you to browse profiles of members seeking rooms and those offering rooms to lease. With our hassle-free platform, the total share accommodation and roommate search is streamlined, effective and efficient. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Safe, Secure and Successful Flatshare Platform  

Our house sharing services are 100 percent free, with no hidden charges, gimmicks or games. All site activity is overseen for the safety of all members of Rent and Share. We provide each member with moderated listings and secure messaging services.

When you join our website, you can be assured that your personal information and contact details are never revealed until you choose to share them with another site member. Your personal data is always safeguarded by our advanced web security technology.

We notify you of all potential good matches for your shared accommodation, student accommodation and room mate searches. In addition, our secure messaging option enables you to chat with all potential matches easily and securely.

Our goal is to provide you and all our members with a streamlined, easy to use solution for locating your ideal flatmate or room for lease to roommates without extra steps or complicated procedures. Our site is designed to offer you a seamless and successful online venue for top quality shared accommodation services. 

Simplified Peer to Peer House Sharing Options on a Friendly, Efficient Site 

On the RentandShare website, we use a peer to peer site design that makes it easy and comfortable for you to message potential flatmates to chat and share details about your room for a rental as a student accommodation or your desire for a rental room in a house share.

With all the information, comments, photos, messaging and chatting options provided by our advanced website platform, you may have a new single room for rent or a new flatmate in one of many locations across Australia by the end of the day.

Even if you want to take your time in getting acquainted with a number of other members seeking a houseshare situation with a room for rent or new flat mate in a share house on our site, the ease with which you can do this makes the whole process simple, direct and friendly.

It allows you to make contact, chat and learn important details about other site members seeking to find a housemate or a new living space. By the time you meet, you will feel like you already know one another, making the move-in process smoother.

If you are not ready to make your move to a share house or welcome a new flat mate today, you can still register on our website well ahead of the date when you will need your new flatmate, houseshare or room to lease. When you register early, you will have time to contact and chat with more site members before choosing a new room mate or room for yourself.

Having a healthy, positive and enjoyable home environment in a share house is essential, and we will help you find the very best. Whether you are searching for a new house mate in large cities like Melbourne and Sydney or rooms for leasing in smaller communities, we will help you find your ideal share accommodation or room mate match as your expert matching service and room finder.

Creating your online account to locate a rentshare or find a flatmate is fast and easy on our website. You can post details, photos and comments describing your room rental or create your profile including your preferences and needs for a room as a flatmate or member of a house share.

In the friendly, safe and secure online environment that we provide, you will feel completely at ease to discuss your ideal accommodation sharing situation with other site members to find a flatmate who is the very best match.

Newcomers to our share accommodation website are often amazed that in just a few simple steps, you can locate your perfect flatmate or room for rent. Take as much or little time as you want and need to decide your new shared living accommodations among available flats to rent.

With use of a smart search engine on our site, you can easily find roommates and rental rooms that suit your profile. You will get an alert each time another site member favourites your ad posting, which helps you chat with the most likely matches for your new flat mate. 

Why Co-living is Such a Popular Lifestyle Today 

In today's fast-paced, often hectic lifestyles, many young people travel or relocate frequently for work, education, pleasure or all of the above. When moving from one neighbourhood, city, state or country to another, they must find a new share accommodation as a room mate for a few weeks or a year or more.

This need to locate new flats or houses to share while in the new location makes flat share websites essential platforms and tools for finding new living situations and roommates. Most house sharing mates or flat mates across Australia today agree wholeheartedly that only the people you live with can make a flat or house feel like home.

Most people who have lived in a share accommodation also agree that it takes a unique combination of flatmates to create a happy, comfortable, relaxed and cozy home life. Even if you have a busy daily schedule and are only home at night and part of each weekend, you want to feel totally welcome and at home in your shared living environment.

You and your roommates need to have a warm, friendly home atmosphere free of conflict and stress. With the ideal balance of personalities and living styles, any shared home, no matter how modest, quiet or active, can become your perfect modern paradise.

In its ideal state, co-living is a desirable contemporary lifestyle that features sharing, transparency and cooperation involving all participants in a share accommodation.

It usually offers the privacy of individual rooms for rent, shared baths and communal areas for cooking and eating as well as open concept areas for casual gatherings and conversation or TV viewing and laptop, tablet and smartphone use. Community motivated common spaces are big everywhere today, and they become spaces of major use for work, study and leisure time in shared home accommodation living today. 

Contemporary Lifestyles Support Shared Living Accommodations  

Today, young people live a more flexible lifestyle than ever before. Although their parents became adults in an era that favoured suburban living in "one size and style suits all" houses, contemporary life is more communal, social and all-inclusive in terms of people, relationships and living experiences.

Young people often change careers quickly and learn new skills via YouTube and online classes and webinars. They can work anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

As young professionals and employees at all levels in the workforce change jobs frequently, moving freely from place to place, a temporary share accommodation has become a lifestyle necessity.

With the common use of mobile digital devices of various types, all aspects of everyday life are now portable and easily carried wherever room share and house share dwellers go for work, study or pleasure today.

Shared living accommodations that are available for a flat mate as flexible time rentals are the order of the day, and there is currently an ever-growing abundance of these shareable living spaces for room mates. 

Rapidly Rising Housing Prices and Hi-Tech Jobs Bring More Young People to Cities 

More young people are moving to cities in Australia today than in previous years due to the rapid increase in home prices and the rise in the number of technology driven jobs in urban locations. This movement has resulted in a sharp upswing in the rental market in cities and more room mates seeking places for rent as renter try to find a flatmate.

In fact, Millennials in the age range of 25 to 34 are much more likely to lease living space in city areas than to be applying for home mortgages in the suburbs. Also, the past decade has seen a rise of nearly 50 percent in the number of young people leasing houses or flats, often as shared living spaces with their peers and co-workers.

The strong popularity of co-living styles in places for lease has also served as a bridge between college life and living with a partner or getting married and starting a family. As urban housing needs have evolved, so have the concepts and designs for new homes and flats throughout Australia.

New housing units and groups of houses are being built centered around the idea of structuring a highly appealing, effective and beneficial community lifestyle of sharing space, insights, experiences and everyday life. Whether "glitzy and glam" or simple and sensible in design, these are the new shared city homes of today. 

Connect with Others and Lighten Your Footprint on the Planet with a Shared Flat or Houseshare  

When you share a living space and lifestyle with others, you are leaving a lighter footprint on the earth's environment. If you pool financial resources for buying food and other necessities as well as saving on rental payments, you can enjoy more upscale surroundings and a better quality of life than you might if living on your own. You will definitely consume less energy as a flat mate while increasing the number of available houses and flats for other renters to inhabit.

Most of all, you are strengthening the essential human element of connection and communication. As a valuable flat mate and member of your living community, you gain the unique advantages of being part of something larger, with greater impact and empowerment than a single human being can contribute to the planet.

Visit our website today at to register and create your profile for finding the ideal room share or post an ad for renting a room. Within just a few days, hours or even minutes, the perfect match for your next homeshare or housemate experience can be yours. 


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