Submitting Article Guidelines

This Guide is for anybody that submits an article to be published on

Paid Authors, Guest posts, Contributors and Team members.

SEO requirements

The keyword must appear in. The title tag, Blog title, meta description, and in the body of the article.

keyword modifiers must be used throughout the body of the article

keyword and keyword Modifiers to be used in subheadings.

The title tag must be no more than 70 characters

Meta description must be between --- and --- characters. 

The article must be written for one category in mind and submitted to only one category.

Add up to 3 tags.

Images must include Alt description, image description

Article Topic

The article topic must be focused on your selected category
Be mostly evergreen content.
Acceptable reading for a family.
Must be informative the reader must learn something
The information must link to credible sources. (you must be able to back up what you write about)

Article Formating 

The article must be formatted to include many subheadings and bullet points making the article easy to skim over or let the reader find what there looking for.

Short paragraphs only 2-3 sentences long.

Correct spelling and grammar. The article must be easy to read.


The article must include a featured image
You submit one image or sceen shot per every 400 words minimum
You must have a licence to use an image or use a royalty-free image

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand these guidelines to submit your work to

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