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Affiliate Program

Welcome to LifeBoss’s affiliate program.

About lifeboss affilite program.

Lifeboss is a blog, all we do is publish content that we hope our reader enjoy.

The way we monetize our website is limiting how many blog posts our readers can read per month.

When a reader reaches there monthly limit, they need to purchase a monthly subscription package.

So as a lifeboss affiliate all you need to do is send real people to our website (blog posts) if those people sign up for a monthly subscription, you earn your commission.

Currently we have a 30 day cookie for your referral’s to sign up to a monthly subscription. Giving you the best chance that you referral’s reach there monthly article limit and need to sign up to a monthly subscription.

Once your referral reaches our site and actives your affiliate cookie, we actively market our content to your referral by search engines, Email, paid traffic, social media etc..

We want your referral to engage with our blog posts as much as possible so they reach there monthly limit and need to sign up to continue to read our articles.

Once your referral does sign up to our monthly package you will earn your commission, and it will be credited to your account.

This really is a great affiliate program to join. All you need to do is link to our articles and send us some traffic then let us do the rest to get your referral to sign up.

To sign up as an affiliate. Click here