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5 Must-Try Healthy Cookies

When it comes to the list of ultimate snacks, cookies are a top favorite for many people out there.

From chocolate chip and oatmeal to Snickerdoodle and sugar, the options to be found are unlimited. These sweet treats however are a guilty pleasure, containing high amounts of fat and sugar. What if we told you that cookies can now be enjoyed without having to worry about the extra calories? Our list of cookie recipes are not only healthy, they taste just as great. Let's take a closer look at our top picks for 5 of the most healthy cookie recipes you must try this season. 

Delectable Kiss Cookies 

Source: SavorySweetLife

For the perfect healthy buffet table treat, how about giving these delectable kiss cookies a shot? For a low fat version, fat free condensed milk is used alongside reduced fat peanut butter. The recipe also calls for the usage of low fat baking mix, topped off with some sinfully good chocolate kisses. You won't be surprised to find these cookies disappear in no time. 

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies 

 Source: PeacefulPlate

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite amongst all age groups but how about turning this classic into a healthy and nutrient filled treat. The original recipe calls for a whole new upgrade with the addition of bananas and oatmeal for added potassium and fiber. To reduce fat, whole milk and butter is replaced with soy milk and canola oil. For a wonderful nutty and nutrient packed flavor, the cookies are given a hint of walnuts. This cookie weighs in at only 138 calories and is sure to be a hit amongst loved ones.

Almond Butter Cookies 

Sourc: AlmondBoardofCalifornia

We all love the classic and rich peanut butter cookies that have been a tradition in households for ages. This recipe gives classic peanut butter cookies a wholesome twist with its replacement using almond butter. This sweet treat comes packed with an array of healthy, delicious ingredients that include cherries, oats, dates and almonds. The best part being, they don't contain a speck of sugar. Yes, these cookies are sweetened with the natural goodness of maple syrup and dates. Who knew cookies could be so low calorie and sweet too? 

Chocolate Lava Rock Cookies 

Source: JoyofKosher

This healthy cookie recipe is for all the chocoholics out there. Chocolate and cookies are two uncommon terms when we think of healthy. Believe it or not, things are surely about to change. These Chocolate Lava Rock cookies are given three layers of chocolate flavor using cocoa nibs, cocoa powder and grated bittersweet chocolate. The recipe is butter free and the addition of pecans gives it the perfect healthy crunch. 

White Chocolate Chunk and Blueberry Cookies with a Hint of Ginger 

Source: HappyGoLuckyBlog

This cookie recipe couldn't get any easier. Complete with chunks of white chocolate and dried blueberries, these cookies are also given a hint of ginger for a wonderful flavor. Oats, canola oil, wheat germ and dark brown sugar make this a healthy cookie by all means. The best bit of this recipe is that all the ingredients can be put in a bowl, stirred and baked. Before you know it, you'll be done in a snap.

The above recipes have been mentioned to help those cookie lovers who deal with a delicious dilemma on a daily basis. With these fabulous and irresistible healthy cookies, you'll have a whole new reason to snack guilt free and impress loved ones like never before. 


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