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5 Biggest Mistakes you do in Bodybuilding Competition Prep

5 Biggest Mistakes you do in Bodybuilding Competition Prep

Are you working out for the competition of your life? Then be confident and know that great physique is not the only factor to step on stage.

Even when you follow everything right, it is not necessary that the results come out according to your choice. The grueling undertaking is another name of contest prep that is absolutely not for every athlete. Some things matter a lot than others during this period. So before you lay out a dull training routine for you here are some significant mistakes that people make they prep for the bodybuilding competitions.



Time is the factor that should be enough. This is what which most people underestimate to achieve their competition shape. Moreover, if your abs are missing at the start of the diet then plan for at least 20 weeks before you start planning. Another option is the crash diet that may cause muscle loss, and in the end, you are prone to become a public menace.

It is important to decide beforehand about the number of pounds you need to shed so that bodyfat level is what your heart desires. Make sure the diet plan has a rational caloric deficit to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week.

Over-Reliance on Fat Burners

The usual contest preparation starts with zero calories, increased cardio and fat burner thrown in the blender. This practice is most likely to lose quite some weight for some time, but the problem is not being unaware of the mechanics of this and where to go from this point.

In the start, you must reduce your calories to 500 per day as the diet is responsible for 80% of the way you appear. After few weeks, reduce calories and come to 200 per day with the addition of third cardio session. In the last six weeks add a fat burner to remove stubborn fats.

Going for Last-Minute Changes

The last week of your training is crucial. This is the time where most of the sportsman get confused and damage themselves beyond repair by utilizing water depletion scheme which is why they look awful as before. The water, carbs, and salt will definitely affect your appearance yet appropriate loading scheme can make your physique look phenomenal. The mediocre body cannot seem extraordinary in 7 days. The athletes that win are the ones that look awesome weeks before the final show.

​Lower Water Intake

Just keep this thing in mind, water comes and goes, but fat doesn’t so most probably if it is there it is not water. Never try to manipulate your water intake. If you are in great shape before the contest day why change it? Always remember muscles are mostly made of water and dehydration will make you flat.

No Sodium Protocols

Salt is another factor that is highly misunderstood. Unloading and loading of sodium protocol can make a good physique crisper and drier. Sodium is required so that your muscles may relax and contract normally. It is accomplished by low electrical stimuli produced from a nerve which is why cutting sodium for long periods is not advisable.

These are five biggest pitfalls that you must miss on your journey of achieving peak condition. Now with this precious knowledge shape yourself in a better way.

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