4 Sure Signs That It’s Time to Sell Your Car

After spending multiple years with your car through thick and thin there is no doubt that you must have formed an attachment with your car, but like most assets that depreciate with time, cars also lose their value with usage. Leaving emotions aside, an old car can start adding costs no matter how reliable it was in the past, which means you need to sell your car and get an upgrade. If you want to get the best deal when you sell your car in Australia or if you are unsure about when is the right time to do so, then take a look at the following article.

Here are the top 4 signs to sell your car now.

Your Needs Have Changed

One of the most obvious signs to sell your car is if your lifestyle is changing. As a university student, you might have done away with a quite an old rusty car that was just good enough to take you to and from your university. But later on, you will obviously need a better one.

For instance, if your family is growing, then you will need a bigger and safer car to accommodate all your children. Or if you are relocating to a more distant place due to your new job, then you will need a faster and more fuel-efficient car for travelling the long route on a daily basis.

In simpler words, a significant change in lifestyle is the top sign to sell your car.

It Is Costly To Repair It

Another tell-tale sign to sell your car is if the amount of money that is needed to repair and/or maintain it properly is greater than the value of the car itself. Your car might be more costly to repair because its spare parts are too expensive, relatively difficult to find or not easily available.

However, repairing and maintaining a car is must if you want to keep it functioning properly. So, do some thorough calculations and analyse whether you are paying a reasonable amount on its repair and maintenance or if you could get a better vehicle for the same amount instead.

You Can No Longer Rely On Your Car

You woke up late but quickly dress up, knowing that if you only drive a little faster, then you will be able to make it to the office just in time. As you slam the door in a hurry and turn the key in the ignition, the engine spurs to life….and dies down.  

Does this seem familiar? Or worse yet, has this become a recurring incident? If so, then it’s a definite sign to sell your car.

The primary purpose of owning a car is to be able to go wherever you like as well as to reach your destination on time. If your vehicle is failing to provide you that convenience and is rather becoming a nuisance as it stops in the middle of the road or is having start-up issues, then it’s best to sell it off and buy another one.

There’s a Decrease in Fuel-Efficiency

Does the little red fuel light in your car flash too frequently? Does it feel like your fuel tank is leaking because there is no way you could have used up all the fuel since your last trip to the station?

If you answered ‘yes’, then the reason behind it is most likely a decrease in fuel-efficiency. Older cars become less fuel-efficient with time, so if you find yourself at the pump more frequently than before, it might be time to consider replacing your old vehicle.  

If you are facing such issues with your car but are not sure whether you can afford a new one or how much you should hope to recover from your old car, then it is best to put up an ad on a great vehicle trading site such as

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