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10 Best Kitchen Designs Ideas to Inspire the Interior Designer Within You

Best kitchen design

Finding amazing yet affordable kitchen design ideas is easier said than done.

There are so many things that come to mind when you think about renovating a kitchen. What style should you pick? Should you go for an L-shaped or a G-shaped kitchen? Should there be a kitchen island with or without seating? What about appliances, cupboards, floor, lighting and various other features?

Not knowing all your options or trying to incorporate everything you like will most likely blow your budget. So, if you are looking for the best kitchen design ideas for 2019, then take a look at the following examples. Although they too might cost quite a lot if copied exactly as it is shown, you can nonetheless, get some ideas on how to design a spectacular kitchen that is stylish yet functional at the same time.



This kitchen combines rustic and modern elements and demonstrates how a two-toned wooden floor looks magnificent against white walls and white furnishings. Notice the smart use of a multifunctional kitchen island that also has a sink and serves as a large dining table as well.

Modern kitchen design ideas


This contemporary kitchen features a stylish kitchen island that doubles up the counter space with a second surface directly below the first one. A large pendant lamp and under-the-cupboard light fixtures provide the perfect ambience.

Wooden themed kitchen


This wood-themed kitchen comprises of a unique marble-lined counter that perfectly counterbalances the darker hues of brown. Take notes from the pantry that has a glass door for more convenience.

A simple kitchen design


This wide-spaced kitchen is a good example of keeping things simple. The oven and other kitchen appliances are housed within the kitchen walls to give a more open look.

Contemporary kitchen design


This kitchen design is all about beauty and elegance. Note the use of ceiling lights that provide beautiful lighting to the space, whereas a fascinating table top accentuates the otherwise plain design.

Wooden kitchen for 2019


Combining different textures such as a wooden floor and cupboards with marble top and steel finishings, this beautiful kitchen demonstrates why it’s usually a good idea to combine different elements together.

Black and white kitchen


Black and white is the ultimate combination when it comes to kitchen designs for 2019. Get ideas from this monochromatic kitchen on how to balance colours from the opposite ends of the spectrum.

 A large kitchen


This impressive kitchen shows how plentiful ceiling lights can brighten any space. The mixture of dark and light hues adds a dramatic effect.

Simple white kitchen


This simple and sophisticated kitchen is ideal for those who prefer minimalistic living. The dull brown works exceedingly well with the white space.

Kitchen with steel furnishings


Modern and functional, this pristine, steel-inspired kitchen shows how you can maximize storage with a large in-wall fridge. The oven and pantry are also embedded into the wall to create a minimal yet elegant look.

These are some of the best examples of affordable kitchen design ideas. Check out your local interior designers to get expert help and create an amazing kitchen that will wow everyone.